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Master Key System

The principle aim of a master key system is to provide convenience for
the user, but security must not be reduced to an unacceptable level in providing convenience.

In essence, the system should provide a method of controlling access to a building in such a way that only persons responsible for particular
sections of a building may have keys for that area.

Denis Duncombe Locksmiths can provide systems to suit almost all requirements, and a detailed keying plan will be drawn up following discussions with the customer.

Restricted Key System

Restricted Key Systems discourage unauthorised key duplication as they are protected by registered design. Extra keys are only available from the originating authorised locksmith with production of correct signatures as proof of the additional key requirement.

With restricted key systems, Denis Duncombe Locksmiths can correctly advise you of the need to consider future extensions, the correct lock types to use as well as implementing a level of master key system control in only allowing certain keys access to certain areas.








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